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When Comparing Demarco Murray and Felix Jones, There’s Really No Comparison

September 12th, 2012 at 4:15 PM
By Nick Sharp

Going into the season, Running Back appeared to be a position of strength for the Dallas Cowboys. Demarco Murray looked 100% healthy and seemed primed to have the first 1000-yard season on the ground in Dallas since Julius Jones in 2006. Felix Jones had performed admirably in Demarco’s absence at the end of the season, racking up over 100 yards in 2 of the last 4 games. The two-headed monster was hungry and ready to attack opposing defenses, aided by the addition of newly acquired fullback Lawrence Vickers.

And then Felix showed up to camp out of shape. And then he failed his conditioning test. And then he looked off during practice, never being able to find the hole. And then he dropped pass after pass in the preseason, leading some national pundits to say that he even deserved to be cut.

Sure looks like a lot of zero's Felix

And then, with the opening game finally upon us, Felix got…nothing. Zero Carries. Zip. Zilch. Nada. He was in for a grand total of 12 plays, including special teams. He also was credited with two targets, both falling incomplete. Tony Romo threw 7 incomplete passes all night, and 29% of them went to Felix.

So today, when Jason Garrett comes out says,

“…there’s definitely a role for Felix. We like what he does for our offense, both in the run game and pass game. Depending on how the game goes, he’s going to get more touches or fewer touches. He’s a big part of what we’re trying to do…"

…all we can ask is, um, why?

If Demarco Murray is breathing and able to stand on two legs, why would we give the ball to Felix Jones? Felix Jones is a 5th year player. His best statistical year came back in 2010, when he rushed 185 times for 800 yards. Demarco Murray’s best year, and mind you he’s only had one year, is better than that (164 carries, 897 yards). Felix Jones’ best game came against Washington early last year when he rushed 14 times for 115 yards. Demarco Murray’s best game is…well…the best game any Dallas Cowboy has ever had (25 carries, 253 yards, 1 touchdown). Even if we simply judged off of the one game from this year, Demarco Murray’s only game of 2012 (20 carries, 131 yards) is better than any game Felix Jones has ever played.

So all we are saying is this. If Demarco is tired, give Felix the ball. If Demarco is injured, give Felix the ball. But if Demarco is good to go, there is no reason he should be on the sideline. There is no need for a “change of pace” when the pace is as good as Demarco Murray sets it to be. It’s time to accept that Felix Jones should only be a backup used to spell the starter, not in tandem with him. Let’s hope the game plan for the backfield going forward looks a lot like the one used against New York. 

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