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Dallas Cowboys Monday Morning Headline Predictor: Week 16

December 21st, 2012 at 10:11 AM
By Nick Sharp

Everyone's favorite (or atleast my favorite. And that's what counts right?) segment is back and better than ever. This week's headline predictor is a juicy one, as it is a precursor to the biggest game of the season. The New Orleans Saints are coming to town with nothing else on their mind except ruining the holiday cheer found these days throughout Valley Ranch. It'll be up to the Dallas Cowboys to put an end to their grinching and scrooging and save D/FW from a sad Christmas. Without further ado, let's take a look at the headlines.

Not only does Rob get his headline in the post, but his profile picture was too good not to include as well!

Headline 1: Drew Brees Dominates Injury Ravaged Dallas Defense, Saints Topple Cowboys' Playoff Hopes 42-28

- These things always start out negative, don't they? This time is no different. The Saints jump all over Dallas, per their season long MO, and they simply can't recover. Brees and Jimmy Graham are too much as they connect for two TDs in the first quarter and the Saints jump out to a 21-0 lead, also aided in thanks to a Dez Bryant fumble returned for 6. The Cowboys fight back as they've done all season, but a crucial interception by Romo (off a deflection, no less) with Dallas down 7 and driving in the 4th quarter spells game over. In a sure sign that he's likely to be fired, Jerry Jones releases a statement that he supports Jason Garrett and will not make a coaching change this offseason. 

Headline 2: Demarco Murray Dominates Saints, Leads Cowboys to First Easy Victory of the Year 35-13

Wouldn't this be great? Dallas' largest victory of the year came against Philly the first time (38-23), but even that wasn't secured until the last minute or so. In this game, Murray torches the Saints for 206 yards on 28 carries. Demarco is able to shake, juke, and truck the Saints and proves that when healthy, he's a top-tier back in this league. Romo has a nice, quiet day, throwing for 1 TD and 187 yards on an efficient 15/19 passing. The Cowboys defense also has a watershed day, stacking up 3 picks and a fumble recovery. If you watch closely, you can see Sean Payton texting Saints owner Tom Benson saying "Ok, ok, I'll come back next year"

Headline 3 (Fan's Choice): With a Flair for the Dramatic, Cowboys are Poised to Take NFC East

As Rob "HowBoutThemCowboys" Burns (what a name!) reminded us on Facebook, nothing is easy for this Dallas team. They truly do have a flair for the dramatic. And so, the Cowboys again ride the right leg of Dan Bailey, this time into a winner-take-all showdown against the Redskins. Romo and Brees both are the top of their games, with both players throwing for 300+ yards and 4 TDs. The big difference maker comes late in the game with the Cowboys down 1 after a ballsy Saints squad completes a 2 point conversion for a 36-35 lead. The Saints try to get tricky with under a minute to play and try an onside kick, but Dallas is able to recover. A gorgeous back shoulder toss to Dez, who makes a one handed circus catch, puts the Cowboys in business at the 28 yard line. Bailey trots on with 4 seconds left and, miraculously, misses the FG! But hold on. The Saints were offsides! Bailey again lines it up, and this time splits the uprights and the Cowboys win the game 38-36. Those dramatic Cowboys are now only one game away from a division title and a home playoff game. 

So, what do you think? Are there any other scenarios you'd have like to see? Don't miss your shot next week to be featured in the article! Watch next Friday morning for the Facebook post, make sure to comment, and see who wins!

As always, go Cowboys!



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