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As 2013 Off Season Officially Begins, Dallas Cowboys Still Have More Questions than Answers

February 4th, 2013 at 9:35 AM
By Nick Sharp

The offseason is officially here. 

With the Baltimor Ravens defeating the San Francisco 49ers in last night's very entertaining Super Bowl, there are no more football games to be played until next September. The NFL and its teams are fully in offseason mode at this point, save for the Baltimore Ravens who are likely still drinking on Bourbon Street (who can blame them?). 

Yet, as we all know, the Dallas Cowboys have been in off season mode for more than a month. They've made some headlines, for both good and very bad reason. And still we can't be sure of the direction this team is heading in.

Cowboys Stadium will be void of football for the next 7 months

Jerry said there would be changes. We've seen changes. Rob Ryan was relieved of his duties, and in contrast to his prophetical statement about finding work "in five minutes", he still has yet to be hired. Monte Kiffin was brought in along with Rod Marinelli, a whopping 1-2 punch of defensive knowledge infused into an already talented bunch. Rich Bisaccia has been brought in to replace departed Special Teams coordinator Joe DeCamillis, who many believe was forced out by the big guy upstairs. 

So that's what we know. What we don't know is most everything else. After the initial wave of reportage saying that Garrett had been relieved of play calling duties, Jerry is now saying it's up to Jason who calls plays. Will it be Garrett? Or Bill Callahan? Or maybe somebody else? Hey, if they need me I can help out. Quick Toss out of the strong formation works great in Madden 13, why wouldn't it work in the NFL?

Other question marks include the status of Tony Romo's contract (we think a deal will get done soon, but these things have a funny way of dragging on. The New York Giants and Victor Cruz probably thought they'd have a deal by now…). Romo still has one more year on his current deal. At age 33, how many years should they extend him?

Also the status of many veterans is up in the air. Players like Kenyon Coleman, Mike Jenkins, and Doug Free have likely played their last game with the star on their helmet. But what about guys like Jay Ratliff, and John Phillips, and Marcus Spears? And we haven't even touched on Anthony Spencer. Who knows what this team will look like come September. 

Finally, we begin to look towards April's 2013 NFL Draft. Many people think D-Line will be a point of emphasis. Other positions of need include Offensive Line, Safety, and a future replacement for Mr. Romo. 

With so many questions, only one thing is for sure with the Dallas Cowboys: There will be more headlines. 

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