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How Much Money Should the Dallas Cowboys Give to Tony Romo?

February 12th, 2013 at 11:17 AM
By Nick Sharp

We're still a long, long ways from the start of the new league year on March 12. That is also the opening date for free agents season (a lot like hunting season, only better) and until then, we won't see any new and shiny toys walking through the front doors at Valley Ranch. So we're resigned to talking about dudes we still have on the roster, and that naturally leads us to Mr. Tony Romo. In honor of Fat Tuesday, we'll be talking about the big, fat contract extension he'll be getting. 

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Many of you weren't too impressed by his golf game (hey, I was, but maybe just the thought of green grass when you're stuck shoveling out from an angry clown fish is too blame) so let's talk about his contract. As of that March 12th date, Romo will be officially in the final year of his current contract. It is pretty much guaranteed that Romo will re-sign with Dallas, and it is currently the right move for both parties.

“We have a great belief [in] Tony Romo as our quarterback,” Coach Jason Garrett said the day after the season ended. “Tony has won a lot of big games for us, too, to get us to the point where we can play for the division in Week 17 in consecutive years…We all know that we want to take the next step, and Tony is going to be a big part of that going forward."

The fact that Garrett's statement came merely hours after this (note: not for the faint of heart) should tell you all you need to know about his sticking power 'round these parts. Romo is our Quarterback, whether you like it or not–unless you'd rather us go after this guy. If that's the case…I can't help you.

Anyways, since Tony Romo will be the Dallas Cowboys Quarterback for the foreseeable future, it's germane to discuss how much this guy should be earning. In recent years, we've seen comparable players such as Phillip Rivers ($98 Million, 7 years) and Carson Palmer ($43 Million, 4 years) get some nice money to play football for a living. This Spotrac page shows you just how much Tony will be making in 2013 if his deal doesn't get restructured as compared to the other top-paid QBs($11.5M). If and when Romo's new deal gets signed, that number for 2013 will likely go way down with the aide of a back-loaded deal and a massive signing bonus. This should help the team be more active in free agency, and is a sign he's willing to help the team.    

Most pundits agree he'll get an extension somewhere in the 4 year range. That will bring him through age 37, and he will have likely passed his pinnacle as an NFL QB. Guys like Kurt Warner and Brett Favre played exceedingly well even into their 40s, but that is likely the exception to the rule and not the norm. If Dallas gives him too much money, they will lose any type of flexibility they'd like to have in the future. If they aim to low, they could offend him and possibly cause him to look elsewhere for work. It's a tight rope, but one that must be walked by Jerry, Stephen, and the entire front office.

Joe Flacco will likely get a contract that his far beyond his ability. He's not Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but he'll likely earn very close to what they do. If Tony Romo had been the guy that was hoisting the Lombardi Trophy and screaming obscenities on CBS, it would be him getting a very nice payday. But instead, he was the guy throwing 3 interceptions in Washington in early January to end his season. Instead of aiming towards $20 Million, he will likely be in the $13-15 Million range. And that should be fine by everyone.  

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