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Potential 2013 Dallas Cowboys: Charles Woodson

February 15th, 2013 at 11:26 AM
By Nick Sharp

We know, we know. Charles Woodson is set to be a free agent as the Green Bay Packers have reportedly decided to release the former Defensive Player of the Year. What we also know is that the Dallas Cowboys will likely not be in the running for his services.


                                             2009  Mike Morbeck Photography, Flickr


He's simply going to cost too much money. Dallas is struggling to be able to sign all of its own guys, most notably Anthony Spencer, and will likely not be able to make a decent offer for the 1997 Heisman Trophy winner. The Packers cut him because he was owed almost $10 Million next season, and he's likely just not worth that anymore.

We saw Dallas spend heavy on the secondary last off season. Bringing in Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne represent a long-term investment in the secondary, while Charles Woodson could only hope to be a stop-gap. Woodson's agent, Carl Poston, believes that Woodson "has a lot of football left", but that's what agents get paid to say. 

People also fail to realize that Dallas has already invested in the Safety position. Gerald Sensabaugh signed a 5 year extension in 2011, while Barry Church, a guy who showed a lot of promise before an Achilles injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, signed a 4 year deal in 2012. They've also got Matt Johnson, a 2012 rookie who the team loved but couldn't stay on the field due to injury issues.

Charles Woodson will make one team very happy this off season. Just don't expect that team to be the Dallas Cowboys

Odds of Charles Woodson being a Dallas Cowboy in 2013: 5%

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