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A Special President’s Day Look at Dallas Cowboys President Jerry Jones

February 18th, 2013 at 12:16 PM
By Nick Sharp

In the United States of America, we're guaranteed to have a new President at least every 8 years. The limits put into effect  by the 22nd Amendment were implemented so as to force our country to continue to evaluate new points of view every so often. This ever-continued progressivism is what has pushed this country to newer and higher heights for decades, and will continue to strengthen this country for centuries to come.

Unfortunately, the United States of the Dallas Cowboys have no such rule. We have no guarantee of new perspectives or outside opinions. Instead, we've had the same President in place for the past 24 years, and the results have been mixed. In the beginning, the new President ushered in a new era with the decisive firings of dedicated Dallas-Cowboys-lifers like Tom Landry. People were outraged and exceptional football was demanded by the mass of proud citizens. Luckily, the new President delivered. He delivered like very few franchises have ever done, winning 3 out of 4 Super Bowls and catapulting the Dallas Cowboys from the old and tired doldrums to the pinnacle of the sports and entertainment world. 

Fast forward almost twenty years and drought has set in upon the country. Sure, new monuments have been built and Star-wearing stars have come and gone, but never has the team returned to the Super Bowl since the mid-90s. Most of the citizens of Cowboys Nation are fed up with the President, not trusting his brass-ball demeanor that had been so demonstratively successful only twenty years ago. There was even almost a mutiny led by an even more powerful President!

So that's where we currently stand. While it's hard to argue with the success of Jerry Jones the business man and Jerry Jones the owner, it has been quite some time since Jerry Jones the President has had praise heaped in his direction. If his boss wasn't also named Jerry Jones, he would've likely been fired long ago. But their is a cure looming in the distance, and if attained, his return to good-standing with the good folks of the United States of the Dallas Cowboys will be complete. The cure of course is winning. Well not just winning, because no one cares about a +.500 record or a division championship 'round these parts, but winning Super Bowls. If somehow, some way, the puzzle pieces fall into the shape of a Lombardi Trophy, no one will be able to question Jerry Jones the President anymore. 

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