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Stephen Jones on Tony Romo: “He’s the Guy Going Forward”

February 21st, 2013 at 10:41 AM
By Nick Sharp

While the NFL's head honchos head to Indianapolis for the 2013 Scouting Combine, there is much business left to be discussed back home. Stephen Jones, son of Jerry Jones and current Dallas Cowboys Director of Player Personnel and Exectuive Vice President, commented on that business to ESPN's Todd Archer. The big topic is naturally Tony Romo, and how close the team is to extending the franchise QBs contract.

Contrary to earlier reports, Jones said that the team has not yet begun talks with Romo and his agent R.J. Gronser. When asked about when talks were set to begin, all Jones said was "We'll get there".

But the rest of the conversation has plenty of praise for the Dallas starting QB since 2006:

“We believe he’s the guy going forward, first and foremost,” said Jones about Romo. “He’s our No. 1 partner. He’s a great quarterback. We’re lucky to have him. When you have a great one, it takes up a significant amount of your cap space and you have to be able to work with your partner.”

Romo has shown the willingness to work the the team in the past, having restructured his deal in a similar situation back in 2011. Tony has always had the reputation as a team-first guy, so there's no reason to think he's out to screw the franchise now. He knows that his $16.8 Million cap number in 2013 would hand-cuff the team significantly. If they hope to have any chance of resigning Anthony Spencer or making a run at current free agents such as Dwight Freeney or Charles Woodson, Romo's contract will need to be changed. 

Jones also found some time to comment on if he believes Romo can lead this team to a Super Bowl. I'll give you three guesses as to what he said, and the first two don't count. Ready? He believes Romo can win:

“We just believe it’s going to happen,” Jones said. “Some guys it happens later in their careers; look at Favre and Elway. Some guys it’s happened earlier. We just believe that we can win a championship with him."

First things first: get Tony that new contract. 

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