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What is the Legacy of Jerry Jones as He Enters His 24th Year of Being Owner of the Dallas Cowboys?

February 25th, 2013 at 10:15 AM
By Nick Sharp

24 years ago today, a new Sheriff came to Dallas. That man of course is Jerry Jones, and today is the 24th Anniversary of him buying the Dallas Cowboys. H.R "Bum" Bright officially sold the Dallas Cowboys to Mr. Jerral Jones on February 25th, 1989, and with the sale forever altered the course of America's Team. 

The era of Tom Landry was over. The era of Jimmy Johnson had yet to begin. Roger Staubach was a distant memory, but Troy Aikman was still a college kid at UCLA. It was a strange time in Dallas history, and no one knew quiet what to expect from this eccentric oil baron from Little Rock. Twenty four years later, we still don't know what to expect.

We could wake up tomorrow and find Jason Garrett fired and nobody would be surprised. We could also wake up and find Garrett inked to a 5 year contract extension. You just never know. Today, Jones is making headlines for saying that he will "deserve the credit" when the Dallas Cowboys win the Super Bowl. Hey, that's fine with us, so long as you actually win it. We're closing in on twenty years without so much as a taste of the Lombardi Trophy, and we're damn hungry.

The nominal question to ask on an Anniversary like this is what will Jerry's legacy be? Will it be that of 3 Super Bowl Championships, 12 NFC East Championships, a plethora of Hall-of-Famers, and the finest marketing of a sports team ever? Or will it be for mismanaged relationships, greedy business practices, poor football decision-making, and a nearly-two-decade long drought?

These questions can't truly be answered yet. We all remember the good times, but they're becoming more and more distant as we speak. Memories can only suffice for so long (and many would agree, they've passed their expiration date). If he wants all the credit when this team wins, it's time for him to take credit when they don't. 8-8 can't be Rob Ryan's and Joe Decamillis' fault. It needs to be Jerry Jones' fault. Many Dallas Cowboy fans despise Jerry the GM so much that they forget all the great things he's done as Jerry the Owner. Will he ever learn to separate those two responsibilities?

The final chapters of Jerry's legacy are coming to a close. The now 70 year old Cowboy is still as feisty as ever, but time takes no vacations and it's creeping up. We've truly seen the best of times under Jerry, fielding one of the finest dynasty's the sport of football has ever seen. We've also seen disheartening failure and a supreme inability to adapt to a changing landscape. 

For us at Cowboys 101, it's very basic Jerry: Win, and all is forgiven. 

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