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Two Dallas Cowboys Make’s All-Underrated Team

April 3rd, 2013 at 2:19 PM
By Nick Sharp

The Dallas Cowboys are notoriously known for overpaying mostly overrated, past their prime type guys. So much so in fact, that we had a full conversation on Twitter with TrueBlueNationBlog about that exact fact. Recently though, as I argued in our discussion, the Dallas Cowboys have had a great deal of NFL Draft success and have made some shrewd, smart deals. Even more proof lies within's recently released "All Underrated" team.

Who you callin' underrated?

The Dallas Cowboys had two players land a spot on the team. DE Jason Hatcher was the first. Here is the excerpt from Elliot Harrison below:

"While the rest of Dallas' defense landed in the infirmary last year, Hatcher put together a quality season from the 3-4 defensive end slot. He's really come into his own in the past two years."

Nice praise for Hatcher. It's good to see this guy get some recognition. He worked his tail off last season, and will be depended upon to ease the transition into the 4-3. 

The other player on this list is a bit debatable. Not because he doesn't belong here, but because most true Dallas Cowboys fans know exactly how good this guy is. That guy is MLB Sean Lee. Here's what Harrison had to say about him:

"Another fallen Cowboy, another undervalued stud. Lee got hurt early last season, but he's considered by NFL insiders to be one of the two or three best ILBs in football. Fans are catching on … slowly."

Slowly? We've said time after time that Lee is the most important piece to the Dallas Cowboys defense (yes, that includes Demarcus Ware). If Lee can simply stay healthy, he will make the Pro Bowl. That's as close to a guarantee as we can give leading up to next season. He's an instinctual, athletic LB that has almost single-handedly carried on the "Linebacker U" legacy of Penn State.

Do you agree with Harrison's choices? Did he miss anyone that should be there? Sound off and let your opinion be heard!

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