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Who Will Be the Dallas Cowboys Play Caller in 2013?

May 14th, 2013 at 7:42 AM
By Nick Sharp

This is the time of year when football season really starts to pick up. Free agency is long gone. The NFL Draft is a memory. Even Rookie Camp has been completed. At this point, we're looking towards OTA's, training camps, preseason, and real NFL Football games.

if the suit fits, Romo may just be calling plays in '13

All that considered, it's a bit concerning that we don't know who will be calling the plays for the Dallas Cowboys offense. Much has been made about the lack of answers given by the organization, especially considering the pressure added by Jerry Jones to want to see changes in this department. Jason Garrett has called the plays since he was hired as Offensive Coordinator in 2007, but the lack of production has left that position up for grabs. 

There are three legitimate scenarios to help solve the case of the missing playcaller. First off, Garrett remains in charge. Judging by the lack of information given on the topic, it seems Garrett is hesitant to give up his play calling duties. He has six years worth of knowledge to draw upon within his exact system, so it would seem he's the most qualified man for the job. Yet, Jerry the GM has again overstepped his boundaries in this dilemma. The decision should be solely up to Garrett, but many question whether or not that's the case. Jones has always stated that he likes his Head Coach's calling plays on one side of the ball, but it may be his own knucklehead-edness that causes that to not be the case in 2013. 

The next scenario involves the teams 2nd year Offensive Coordinator Bill Callahan. Much was speculated when Callahan was hired last offseason that it was the beginning of the end to Garrett calling the plays. It was reported that during last weekends Rookie Camp that Callahan was the man leading the offensive game plan. It's tough to say whether or not Callahan would have more success than his predecessor. Is he familiar enough with all of the talent on that side of the ball after just one season? We'll have to wait and see.

The final scenario, and the most attractive one to us here at DC101, is that the play caller may in fact be on the field during game time. Tony Romo may just be the Dallas Cowboys best play caller in 2013. With all of Jones' "Peyton Manning-type time" comments after Romo's mega-extension, it would only seem natural that he takes over the bulk of the offensive gameplanning. It has been well-documented that Romo will be more involved in the offensive planning, and even wants to be an Offensive Coordinator when his playing days are over. So why not just hand over the reins in-game now? Romo has displayed a great feel for the game, and continues to develop an impressive chemistry with just about any receiver the 'Boys trot out there not named Roy Williams. When you turn on a Denver Broncos game next season (or simply watch them against our Cowboys in week 5), it's no question who is calling the plays. Manning has complete control over where the ball is going on every snap. After giving Romo enough money to finance the country of Palau, you would hope the team has enough confidence in him to do the same as well. 


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